All groups are asked to register ahead of time, in order to allow adequate planning for this event. Leaders are in charge of their own groups throughout the weekend.  Please only register for confirmed attendees as we want to ensure all can participate that want to!


Group arrival sign in will be open Friday 5pm to 7pm


United Church duty of care guidelines MUST be complied with, including but not limited to recent police checks for anyone 18 years or over accompanying the groups.


Visiting groups MUST ensure that adequate insurance coverage is in place for this activity.


Group leaders are responsible to have on their person at all times health card numbers, health information and emergency contact information (i.e. parents/guardians or other emergency contacts) for all their participants, as well as permission forms and liability waivers for decisions regarding emergent care of participants.


Group leaders will provide the registrar and each of their groups participants with a cell phone number at which the group leader or a designated alternate can be reached at any time, day or night, in case of an emergency. The group leaders will, in turn, keep with them a list of cell phone numbers of their participants, whenever possible.


To the best of our ability, gluten free and vegetarian options will be available if advance notice is given, but in the interest of safety for the individuals concerned, other dietary needs cannot be met.  Individuals with other allergies or dietary preferences are encouraged to look after their own meals. Please make note of any allergies on your registration form.


Registration includes:

2 breakfasts, lunch & snacks

Accommodations at a host church (this will be arranged for your group)

To the best of our ability, gluten free and vegetarian options will be available if advance notices is given.  In the interest of safety for the individuals concerned, other dietary needs cannot be met.  Individuals with other allergies or dietary needs are encourage to look after their own meals.


**Saturday night dinner will be on your own in Niagara Falls. 

Youth Groups will need to have their own transportation during the Festival.



Everyone will participate fully in the Niagara Youth Festival Worship Celebration. Leaders will strongly encourage participants under their supervision to remain in the sanctuary throughout worship.  People entering and exiting during worship distracts from the experience of worship.


*Please discuss expectations regarding responsible behaviour and Duty of Care with your group ahead of travelling.


Visiting groups will bring their own sleeping bags, toiletries, etc.


Visiting groups will be responsible for their own transportation to and within St Catharine’s and Niagara Falls.


Visiting groups are responsible for all their own supper Saturday evening. 


The Niagara Youth Festival committee will coordinate matching of visiting groups with host groups.  Any arrangements made between two groups themselves are welcome, but for safety reasons the Niagara Youth Festival registrar MUST BE INFORMED and proper registration forms must be completed!


Group leaders will discuss together expectations of acceptable behaviour while on the premises of the hosting church, and these will in turn be communicated with all participants.


Both hosting and visiting groups will be in communication with each other in order to keep each other informed of plans. Both groups will discuss together plans for participation in Niagara Youth Festival and/or other activities. Although it is not necessary for both groups to participate together, the weekend experience will be that much richer if this does happen!


An offering will be taken at the Worship celebration, which will go towards covering expenses associated with the worship celebration


Packing List

sleeping bag & pillow

nut-free snacks (if you are bringing snacks)

comfortable and casual clothes and shoes (for both the indoors and outdoors)

toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant…)

You can choose to also pack any of the following: board games and cards, camera, flashlight, journal, books, and musical instruments.

Umbrella (in case of rain)



Let’s make this weekend a wonderful experience for everyone as together we worship, have fun and make new friends. Should you have further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.  We look forward to a wonderful weekend as together we enjoy Niagara Youth Festival! 

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